Cross section of participatants
Cross Section of Participants at COMAAND Flag-off

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A Different Group of Participants - The Aged
A Different Group of Participants – The Aged

Community Action Against Non- communicable Diseases (COMAAND) Flag-off

Organizer: SPHSD in partnership with Anambra State Ministry of Health.

Flag-off Ceremony: The Honorable Commissioner for Health, Anambra State. Dr. Joe Akabike, MBBS, FWACS, FICS

Keynote Address: Prof. Augustine Odili, MBBS, PHD, FMCP, FACC, FECC

Consultant Cardiologist, University of Abuja Teaching Hospital.

Chairman: Most Rev. M.S.C. Anikwenwa, Ofr

Retired Bishop of Awka Diocese / Dean Church Of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)

Date: Thursday July 12th 2018

Venue: Awkuzu Civic Centre, Anambra State, Nigeria

World Hypertension Day 17th May 2021

Hypertension should not be a death sentence and neither should it rob us of our lives and beautiful moments we can spend with our loved ones.

Below are 8 points identified by the Nigerian Hypertension Society to ensure that in spite of being hypertensive or not we can live longer and healthier.

  1. Check your blood pressure regularly.
  2. Feel free to consult your medical professionals for proper advice if you are hypertensive.
  3. Take your medications regularly to achieve a good blood pressure control thereby preventing complications like stroke, heart failure, heart attack and kidney failure if you are hypertensive.
  4. Excessive salt consumption has been strongly linked to development of hypertension together with poor control therefore reduce excess salt intake.
  5. Make balanced diets a norm with daily consumption of fruits and vegetables.
  6. Be physically active by engaging in exercises for at least 30 minutes daily or at least three alternate days a week.
  7. If you are overweight or obese, work on reducing your weight.
  8. Say NO to unhealthy lifestyles like smoking and alcohol consumption.

8 Simple Rules for Living with Hypertension.

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Goodwill Messages From Medical Professionals


I am filled with a sense of pride sending you this goodwill message as you flag of the Community Action against non-communicable diseases in your native land, Awkuzu. You are indeed living out the creed: charity begins at home.

Non-communicable diseases are responsible for the greatest morbid-mortality the world over. The flagship disease, hypertension is galloping with rates outstripping our capacity in sub-Saharan Africa to deal with it and its complications. Prevention therefore is the way to go; and awareness and identification are the starting points. This is what you have set out to do by this highly commendable community service. Research has shown that children who experience stress early in life tend to live with stress and automatic dysfunction all their lives; hence heightened risk for cardiovascular diseases. Your home is part of a country that was between 1967 and 1970; according to Prof. Chinua Achebe which faced extreme hunger and stress. The children of the time faced stress ― hunger, displacement from their homes and psychological dysfunction; which according to research fuel cardiovascular diseases in the middle ages. The rates in the area as expected will be unprecedented, especially in the now economically vibrant segment of society.

It is therefore thoughtful of you, and a manifestation of great insight to embark on this journey. May God be with you as you step out on this landmark exercise. It is my hope that this action of yours and your partners ( Society for Public Health and Social Development) will trigger similar actions in other parts of formal Eastern region and Nigeria at large. You have done well!

 Prof.  B.N. Okeahaliam (University of Jos)


This is to congratulate the team leader, COMAAND programme and Environmental Health, Prof. Augustine Nonso Odili and the entire COMAAND PROJECT  TEAM on the occasion of the flag off ceremony of the Community Action against non-communicable diseases by the Honorable Commissioner for Health, Anambra State, Dr. Joe Akabike at the Awkuzu civic centre, Anambra State on Thursday July 12th 2018.

My dear brother and friend, we are proud of you. Your vision of community health is worthy of emulation by all. You deserve all the accolades on this special occasion.


Dr. Anikwensi Ezechukwu, Consultant Physician. Head Department Internal Medicine, Federal Medical Centre Asaba

Community Action Against Noncommunicable Diseases  II (COMAAND II)

A Ward Chairman Taking BP
Practical Demonstrations
Health Workers Training
Health Workers Training
Presenting The BP Kits
Presenting The BP Kits