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Augustine Nwankwo’s Achievement

He Introduced Physical Activities with the Elders in Obinetiti Village (Dusogu). An aspect of COMAAND Project

During his one month volunteerism with the SPHSD, he was engaged in supportive supervision of local Blood Pressure (BP) Commanders, evaluation meeting and discussions on research prospects in COMAAND.  He identified the difficulties in educating and managing patients with hypertension in the local communities basically due to believe system and cultural effects.

He improved participation, awareness, enrolment and compliance in the following ways:

  1. Formed a students’ advocacy body for the control of hypertension.
  2. Helped in door to door mobilization thus improving awareness.
  3. Met with the Awkuzu governing body to discuss the introduction of wavers.
  4. Introduced physical activities. 
Light Aerobic Exercises
Light Aerobic Exercises

Watch the actions in short video II below

Students’ Body Formed by Augustine Nwankwo to Advocate for Control of Hypertension